It is week 24 of this little dude pushing my belly a little bit further each day and flip-flopping around more than Mary Lou Retton on the vault.  So I think it’s time for a reckoning.  Ladies: can we talk about underwear yet? Because I’m a thong girl. And it’s getting tight down there and I’m hesitant to move onto granny panties yet.  But things are busting at the seams in belly-land right now,  I have zero pairs of button/zip jeans that fit so I’m down to leggings which are feeling tight, overalls which make me feel like I’m 15, and big dresses.  Just saying, there are some serious queries a-coming.  I’ve already said a fond farewell to my collection of shoes and boots and I’m living in about 4 pair: 2 sneakers, 1 boot and Uggs.

Also: those maternity jeans? So far, I have tried on a few pairs and I’m not so keen on that big beige nylon stocking coming up over my burrito belly. But, I miss jeans. I miss skinny jeans. Thank god for Free People and pleather leggings that stretch a lot. Between those, my Target black leggings (that aren’t the good kind cause I’m pretty sure you can see my ass through them, but I’m at the point of not caring, which scares me…) and my 4 pairs (count em) of overalls, I think I’m set for a while.

Anyway. After a few emotional posts, I figured it was time to get real.  Because I just drank a strangely technicolor drink that tasted like cotton candy and they’re about to take some blood and then tell me if I have Gestational Diabetes and if I do I will feel so guilty about those cupcakes I wrote about a few blogs ago.

Next up: Is this heartburn or am I dying?




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